Relax. Nothing is under control.

The AC man came and for a total of $85 he tuned up our perfectly good unit. Patrick can rest easy now. I knew all along that things were fine but Patrick needed to process this in his own way. I had to let him worry and fret while I stayed calm. ┬áThat’s how we balance each other out.

I wanted to tell him not to hold on so tightly to the things we can’t control, but I decided that modeling calm, centered behavior was better than using words that would fall of deaf ears. I’m happy to play the role in our marriage of the relaxed, peaceful one. I’ll do that for my husband who is ruffled so easily. Really, he needs to chill. So uptight, that man.

We’re now centered and cool and in a good place. No need to thank me, Babe. I’m happy to do it. It’s just part of who I am at my core.




12. April 2016 by Shannon
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