Our AC is leaking and we’re all gonna DIE!

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This is not our actual AC. Or the actual AC repair man. Or his actual shadow.

Our AC is on the fritz again. I’m sure some hose is clogged because it’s bubbling and gurgling and spewing water all over the garage. The dry wall is no longer dry. It’s pasty. Pastywall.

Patrick mumbled to me the other night something about getting our AC serviced before summer, but I was headlong into a book or Ambien and I don’t remember him saying that. Not even last night, at 10:30 pm, as I was pulling my car into the garage (it was in the driveway from earlier projects) when I heard the horrible water sounds. Horrible sounds coming from a place that is supposed to only have windy, blowy sounds.

I looked on the dry wall shelf that houses our AC unit and I saw a huge puddle of water that was spilling over the side onto the big plastic dog food container.

I panicked and ran inside to tell Patrick who was snuggled in bed and half asleep.

“OHMYGOD, our AC is leaking and there’s a HUGE puddle of water and the drywall is soggy and there will be mold and we’re all gonna DIEEEEEE!”

He opened one eye and reminded me that he is aware of this and he told me about this the other night.

“This is no time to be bringing up old shit!” I said.

He didn’t seem to adequately understand my state of panic so I stood at the foot of the bed and I STARED at him HARD.

This was enough to rouse him from his twilight sleep and he came out to look at this puddle and gasp and fret in solidarity with me at the expensive, poisonous, murderous water coming from the place it should not be coming.

And so, as two educated people often do when faced with a problem, we put our heads together for a work-around. We grabbed the random yet handy beach towel lying on the floor of the garage and sopped up the puddle. Then we went to bed.

We lay there, wide awake with our backs turned to each other and with quiet intensity we searched the Google. We tried not to speak of the wood floors we will not be getting because instead we’ll likely be getting a new AC. It’s been limping along for years and we knew this day was coming. Like a car that is no longer reliable, we can’t afford to be stranded without cool air this summer, so we’ll probably just trade in our old model for a new one.

The AC guy is coming with his tools and his Estimate of Horror and Big Numbers tomorrow.





11. April 2016 by Shannon
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