750 Words

I started a new writing class this semester called Writer’s Studio. It’s a creative writing class.  The syllabus is 13 pages long. To say I’m overwhelmed is a gross understatement.

One of my many assignments includes writing 750 words every day for 15 weeks.  That’s 105 days straight.  As per the assignment, I signed up at 750words.com, a handy little website that tracks your word counts and awards you with badges for reaching certain goals.  It’s like FitBit for writers. My favorite thing about this site is that it tracks all sorts of metrics:

Metrics   Metrics 2

I definitely need to work on my rating.

The objective of this assignment isn’t to grade what I write, but to give me a grade for how often I write.  My professor, or anyone for that matter, will not be reading my posts.  Instead she’ll collect my metrics report every two weeks to make sure all of my little green boxes have X’s in them.  The challenge is to create a habit of writing and to build my writing muscle.  My professor believes that like any muscle, creativity can be trained and strengthened.

I’ve never been good at 30-day challenges.  I don’t think I’ve ever finished one that I set out to do.  This is a 105-day challenge.  I MUST complete all of them if I have any hope of getting an A in this class.

Well, actually if I complete all of the assignments (there are several other writing projects besides the 750 words per day) then the most I can hope for from the professor is a B+.  My final assignment is to turn in a polished work to my classmates, and they will grade me based on a list of criteria.  I have to receive an “excellent” rating from the class to achieve an A.

Holy crap. I’m a little stunned.  Probably how the crossfiters feel when they get to the box and see what the WOD is.  Or when a new parent realizes that sleepless nights are NEVER GOING AWAY.  EVER.

I guess the only thing to do is to dive in.

(For reference, this blog is only 352 words.)



14. January 2016 by Shannon
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